TRUSHILLA is the passion and entrepreneurial spirit of Frenki Trushilla. The brand was launched in March 2021 as TRUSHILLA DESIGN, with several series and basic designs. With a special focus on quality and detail oriented, constantly pushing boundaries at the forefront of the comfort & contemporary luxury sphere.

We create On-Trend clothing with a high-end look for both genders, ready to wear and high fashion clothes, luxury goods, leather goods and accessories.

Our brand is going beyond the ordinary in each product with modern and minimal designs, inspired by class. In the first year we have brought four Essential Collections, consisting of T-Shirts, Sweaters and Shirts, including fashion accessories such as scarves and ties as well as fashion jewelry.

We have been identified as one of the first brands in the fashion industry in Albania, but our focus extends throughout the Balkans and especially throughout the continent.

TRUSHILLA is known for its special designs, which contain and represent in every case a symbol and message that all clients and admirers of the brand can interpret in their own way.

In 2022 TRUSHILLA Design is developed as MAISON TRUSHILLA, part of the TRUSHILLA Group.

TRUSHILLA Group is the new identity of our company which includes clothing brands such as MAISON TRUSHILLA, HOUSE OF ETNO, RELEVANT, GUARDIAN & CARAVAN TIRANA. Also part of the group is BALANCE FOUNDATION, an experimental and free-thinking program that aims to assert that culture & art are beneficial to a balanced society.

In autumn-winter 22, the brand made a compilation of the series created up to that time which was presented as LOOKBOOK 21-22, giving space to a new period of creativity and new concepts.

We collaborate with Models, Artists, Photographers, Influencers, for a common goal, becoming a big family that works and aspires to bring inspiration to society and create culture in the world of fashion in Albania, for future generations.